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It’s Christmas Tree Season at Evergreen Nursery – and just at the right time!

 I drive around the county all week long visiting all of our nurseries and growing grounds to organize production of our plant material.  Quite often I will have to run in to Home Depot or brave the crowds at Costco for some tool or first aid kit or case of water.  I have been amazed at how it seems as though the holiday gear comes earlier and earlier.  I think I saw Christmas wrapping paper at Costco in October!

Decorate a Deck or Patio with Trees, Shrubs and Flowers

      Color bowls and container-grown plants soften edges, accent nice features and create privacy on patios and on decks.  The design possibilities are endless and container plant experiments can be some of the most enjoyable gardening of all.

Replanting for Winter Color

      A winter garden, particularly for Southern California’s year-round mild climate, may seem challenging, but is actually a lot fun.  There are many varieties of blooming trees, shrubs, vines and flowering plants available that can add attractive and versatile color to a winter landscape.

Watch for Splitting Oranges In The Fall

           Between September and November many people encounter the problem of fruit split in their oranges, particularly navel oranges. It affects most fruit like apple, lemon, lime, and even pomegranate.  The split can be very short and shallow or it may be deep and wide, exposing the soft interior of the fruit.  No one is certain why fruit splitting occurs and the areas and number of fruit affected varies.

Fall Is The Time For Planting

            Early fall is one of the best times for planting in Southern California.  The ground is still warm and soon-to-fall rains will help establish good roots.  If you’re considering planting some California natives like Toyon, Lemonade Berry, or Ceanothus, it is the very best time.

Our Exclusive 8 Pack Color Packs

     “I would like to have some four inch annual color if only they were more affordable.   The plants in the small 6-packs seem to be cheaper but they aren’t.  They have gotten smaller and smaller over the years and they die right away.”   For years this has been a common customer problem throughout the nursery industry.  Because of the cost associated with the intense labor and transportation to provide four inch potted flowering annuals, they have been all too costly.  Since its beginnings, Evergreen Nursery has attempted t
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