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Message from the President

Make Room for Roses

May is the month that our neighborhoods are really beginning to come alive with the all the colors and fragrances of spring. May also always makes me think of moms everywhere and their relationship with flowers, especially roses. And right now at Evergreen Nursery, our rose beds are brimming with the bright blooms and unmatchable aromas of garden roses.evergreen
We at Evergreen Nursery pride ourselves on the value we offer our customers, and we have roses that will fit any gardener’s needs. Did you know you can buy a 5-gallon Double Delight Hybrid Tea rose for just $14.00? Some garden centers sell the same rose for $34.90. Whether you’d like to establish a new rose garden or select an accent patio tree or two, we have dozens of varieties to choose from. If you missed seeing it in our last newsletter, check out our 2018 Rose Variety flipbook. You can also follow our Facebook page for updates throughout the season on our rose selection of the week. Best of all, you can come to one of our locations and lose yourself in our aisles and aisles of roses. Once you’ve picked your favorite variety, you might have fifty or more thriving plants to choose from! Don’t worry, at our wholesale prices, you might decide to load a few extras into the back of your car; come on out, bring the kids and the dog…we’ll be waiting for you right here at Evergreen.
Mark Collins
Evergreen Nursery