Olive Trees

Message from the President

     I remember, as a kid, looking forward to when I would have a peach or a nectarine in my lunch instead of an apple or an orange.  I was lucky.  My mom was the consummate gardener and we always had a variety of fruit trees in our yard.  I would watch the peach trees lose their leaves when the weather got cooler, and they would look dead for a while.  Then, when the days started getting just a bit warmer,  those beautiful blossoms would appear and my mom would tell me “soon, boy, soon” we would have my favorite fruit. 

     The months of March and April are absolutely the best time to come into the nursery and see these beauties for yourself.  Almost all of the stone fruit trees are in bloom and some of the early fruiting varieties will be starting soon to set fruit.    Our seminar on March 3rd is also the perfect time to learn all about care, selection and planting.  Our new Blossom Valley location now is offering seminars and we are growing, and have available,  a wide selection of fruit trees suited for the Blossom Valley, El Cajon and Alpine areas.  And… all those kids playing at the Los Rios Little League field next door would love to bite into their own juicy peach from their own family garden. So come on in, we’ll be waiting for you!

Mark Collins