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Message from the President

 Message from the President  
Fresh or fake?
     Every year at Evergreen Nursery we sell thousands of the most beautiful and freshest cut Christmas trees you will ever see. Did you ever wonder where they come from? Are you concerned that you are doing the right thing by buying a fresh cut tree? One might ask, are we destroying the forest one tree at a time or should we buy a plastic tree made in China? The answer is simple, by buying a fresh cut Christmas tree you are doing the environmentally "right thing". 
    Our trees do not come from open forests but are grown on farms in the North west by family farmers just like us, here at Evergreen Nursery. These farmers employ local people and they grow long term, low impact sustainable crops that filter and contribute to a clean environment. Better than a petroleum based fake tree made in China, right? And when the season is over, bring your tree back to Evergreen Nursery and we will recycle it into some of our fine soil products.    
Hope to see you in the nursery real soon!
Mark Collins
Evergreen Nursery