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September 27, 2018
October in Your Garden... Work in the Garden – Prepare for winter by picking up debris such as fallen fruit and leaves.  When the rains start, debris...
September 12, 2018
In garden design, repetition is important for adding unity and flow to your landscape. Without it a landscape looks unnatural and disordered. So...
August 24, 2018
September in Your Garden Bedding Plants – As the month closes as the fall season begins, clear the garden of failing summer annuals.  Begonias,...
July 27, 2018
Work in the Garden – Continue to water and fertilize hanging plants regularly since they dry out quickly now with the increasing day length and...
July 16, 2018
Everyone here at Evergreen Nursery started out as a beginner gardener at some point and needed help and ideas from more experienced gardeners or...
June 27, 2018
July in Your Garden • Work in the Garden – Continue to fertilize regularly because plants are using food as quickly as you supply it.  Prune faster...
June 14, 2018
As the weather starts to warm up and energy bills start to rise, it’s nice to have a cool, private spot to sit and enjoy your garden. It’s time to...
June 5, 2018
As one of the world’s main pollinators, bees are indispensible for thriving gardens. Some crops, such as almonds, apples, and avocados, rely entirely...
May 25, 2018
June in Your Garden • Work in the Garden – Take the time to look at small jobs in your garden this month.  Remove any unwanted suckers from trees and...
May 4, 2018
Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Wondering what to get for your mom that won’t be the same recycled idea from last year? Since Mother’s Day...