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November 8, 2019
Why Plant in Containers? Whether you like carefree Mediterranean charm or more modern urban design, container gardening adds visual interest and...
October 31, 2019
November in Your Garden: Planting or Transplanting Most hardy evergreen shrubs including Azalea, Camellias, and Roses can be successfully...
September 30, 2019
October in Your Garden Work in the Garden Prepare for winter by picking up debris such as fallen fruit and leaves.  When the rains start, debris...
August 30, 2019
Bedding Plants – As the month closes and the fall season begins, clear the garden of failing summer annuals. Pick off spent flowers to encourage...
August 16, 2019
Some gardeners are veering away from the usual manicured grass lawn bordered by flowers in favor of creating more natural-looking garden spaces. A...
August 7, 2019
Succulents do so much to add interesting shapes, colors and textures to your garden. Rainbows of rosettes like Echeverias and Aeoniums. The...
July 30, 2019
August in Your Garden: Work in the Garden – Continue to water and fertilize hanging plants regularly since they dry out quickly now with the...
July 1, 2019
Roses are one of the most popular garden flowers, yet many gardeners still shy away from them. Some are put off by their reputation for being a...
June 27, 2019
July in Your Garden Work in the Garden – Continue to fertilize regularly because plants are using food as quickly as you supply it.  Prune faster...
June 26, 2019
You’ve probably been admiring all the beautiful green and flowering vines blooming all over San Diego County this time of year. Lady Banks' Roses...