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March 31, 2020
Work in the Garden: This is a good month to plant new shrubs and hardy perennials and to prepare for the coming summer. Keep roots cool and weeds...
March 24, 2020
The coronavirus appears to be one of the greater challenges of our modern time. Our hearts and wishes for a speedy recovery go out to all those...
March 3, 2020
Spring is the time to plant vegetables and herbs, and here at Evergreen Nursery we always have lots of variety to choose from. For the average...
February 27, 2020
March in Your Garden: Work in the Garden Get your spring garden ready for planting by cleaning all beds of debris and old, dead plants.  Lightly...
February 21, 2020
Planting - The First Two Weeks: In nature the most critical period of a plant’s life is shortly after germination. When you buy plants for your...
January 29, 2020
February in Your Garden: Winter Issues Cover and protect cold-tender plants until danger of frost in your area is over. Only after that, prune...
January 22, 2020
When it comes to groundcovers, many of us picture a large, dependable green blanket that covers a large bare patch of ground. Serviceable? Yes....
December 30, 2019
January in Your Garden:   Work in the Garden Primary tasks this month include planning your spring garden and major pruning of dormant fruit and...
December 6, 2019
Everyone wants their Christmas tree to be as fresh as possible and the shining star of their holiday décor. But how do you know you’re getting a...
December 3, 2019
When temperatures start to dip, the first thing we tend to think of in the landscape are colorful leaves in shades of red and gold. Dazzling foliage...