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If your shopping excursions in search of nursery and garden supplies are focused primarily on your nearest big box retailer or discount house, you might want to reconsider your choice. With big box retailers, you are missing out on the experience of local nurseries; nurseries offer the complete range of possibilities to develop your landscape or garden to its fullest potential. Evergreen Nursery isn't your every day, garden-variety nursery center. Those discount wholesale locations might have half an acre of growing grounds or an outdoor extension displaying their collection of gardening supplies that were trucked in from other regions. At Evergreen, San Diego's Largest Wholesale Nursery open to the public, you have up to 80 acres of actual growing grounds to peruse, your car is your shopping cart, and you'll shop amid professional as well as hobbyist landscapers and gardeners seeking the right Palm TreeRose BushTop Soil, Fruit Tree, Succulents, Shade Tree,Groundcovers, Mulches, Bedding Plants, Flowers, and Drought Tolerant Plants for their projects.

Before heading our way, feel free to peruse our website to see some of our in-season plants, or take a look at the nursery’s extensive map. On our property you do have the option of walking around, driving through, as well as receiving home delivery. It is encouraged that you make an event of it by walking through our palm tree nursery center, or simply observing the best garden center in San Diego. With dozens of full-grown palm trees, as well as small shrubs and ornamental grasses, you are sure to find what you need.

At Evergreen, the plants you see have been grown and raised on site, assuring you that it will acclimate just as readily and thrive in your landscape as well as it has at the nursery. While the nursery specializes in palm trees, it also features a broad spectrum of trees, landscape plants and shrubs along with ground cover and beautiful blooming flowers that thrive in sunny Southern California.

If you are interested in getting away from those big box retailers for your San Diego nursery, we really are the way to go. We have a complete green waste recycling program where we give you store credit for returning recyclable items. Check out our schedule for various seminars at one of our locations to learn about some of the best ways to take care of your plants. Additionally, take a look at some examples of our involvement in community events such as, most recently, the Salute to The Firefighters Fair.

With three locations in San Diego, our business has grown to 400 total acres, including growing grounds, over the past thirty years. Buy directly from the grower and you are sure to save on quality products. If you are looking for a retail supplier combined with a wholesale nursery in San Diego with an inviting feel, check out the best southern California nursery today.

"If it works for Southern California and the Southwest, we've got it, and you can see more varieties of items here than anywhere else," says Evergreen Nursery owner Mark Collins, a lifetime resident of San Diego County who grew up in the nursery business working for his father, who founded what would become California’s largest nursery chain, Nurseryland. Collins opened his first store in the Del Mar/Carmel Valley area in 1976, followed by a Spring Valley store in the mid-1980s, and stores in Oceanside and Rancho Bernardo opened in 2002. He also established two growing grounds, in North Escondido and the San Pasqual Valley, to accommodate a thriving export operation to Japan, Spain, Canada, Chile, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Beyond the vast expanse of selection available, Evergreen customers will also notice significant savings in product pricing, thanks to the nursery’s on-site growing and selling grounds, which removes the middlemen and handling services that drive prices up.

"We sell the same products as other nursery retailers but for half as much money because we grow it where we sell it," Collins says simply. "When a regular nursery or discount house has a plant for sale, that plant has a number of ‘touches’ for the number of times it has been handled, from growing it to loading it, shipping it, then selling it. Every ‘touch’ costs money. By cutting down on those ‘touches’ as well as deliveries to stores, we can sell our products for a better price."

A detailed list of specific Evergreen products and their prices are also available on the nursery’s Web site at www.evergreennursery.com. Customers can return the black plastic plant containers and receive shopping credits from Evergreen’s active recycling program.

When you visit the nursery, you’re sure to shop longer than you think you will, so don’t forget to bring your wide-brimmed garden hat and plenty of room in your car for your selections! Kids and dogs welcome too!

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