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Garden Maintenance

July in Your Garden:

Work in the Garden

Continue to fertilize regularly because plants are using food as quickly as you supply it. Prune faster growing plants to keep them vigorous and to control water use. Fertilize lawns when the grass is dry but the ground is moist; then water thoroughly. Leech container plants by flooding to remove excess salts.

June in Your Garden:

Work in the Garden


May in Your Garden

Water in the Garden

Begin increasing your watering schedule as the weather warms. Water seedlings and young plants frequently for short periods; water trees and shrubs deeply and less often. All kinds of plants will benefit from an application of a micronutrient foliar spray like Citrus Grower’s Mix.

Work in the Garden:

Get your spring garden ready for planting by cleaning all beds of debris and old, dead plants. Lightly cut ground covers. This is the most important month to fertilize. We recommend an organic granular fertilizer such as Gro-Power and a water-soluble spray such as Grow More Super Bloomer. Check irrigation systems and make necessary repairs before spring growth begins.

February in Your Garden:

Planter Mix and Mulch bag Winter Issues

January in Your Garden:

Trees Wintertime Work in the Garden


October in Your Garden:

Work in the Garden

August in Your Garden:

Hanging Baskets

June in Your Garden:

Geranium pots Work in the Garden


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