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Gardening Tips

June in Your Garden

  • Work in the Garden – Continue to fertilize regularly because plants are using food as quickly as you supply it.  Prune faster growing plants to keep them vigorous and to control water use.  Fertilize lawns when the grass is dry but the ground is moist; then water thoroughly.  Leech container plants by flooding to remove excess salts.
  • Work in the Garden – Take the time to look at small jobs in your garden this month.  Remove any unwanted suckers from trees and shrubs.  Pinch tips of Chrysanthemums, Fuchsias, Geraniums and Marguerites to encourage dense growth.  Stake dahlias, delphinium, tomatoes and other vines.  Mulch annual and perennial borders to keep the soil cool and help retain moisture during the hot summer months.  Deep water rather than light sprinkle if the weather is dry.
  • Work in the Garden – This is a good month to plant new shrubs and hardy perennials and to prepare for the coming summer. Keep roots cool and weeds down by applying mulch around flowers and vegetables, particularly Azaleas, berries, and Camellias which have more shallow root systems. Plants will benefit from a dose of an all-purpose fertilizer such as Gro-Power. Tie vines to supports.



Boxed trees in line

September in Your Garden

  • Work in the Garden – Continue to water and fertilize hanging plants regularly since they dry out quickly now with the increasing day length and decreasing humidity. You may occasionally need to submerge them and other container plants into a pail of water to rewet the entire root ball. Leech periodically to remove excess salts. Cut spent blooms to encourage increased flowering.

Everyone here at Evergreen Nursery started out as a beginner gardener at some point and needed help and ideas from more experienced gardeners or nursery experts to help us get going. We’ve got you covered!  Whether you’re new to gardening, short on time, or an avid gardener with a lot to maintain already, everyone can appreciate plants that demand a little less attention. Here are a few of our picks for plants that are proven performers, even given little time and effort.


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