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If you follow gardening and landscaping news, you’ve probably come across the phrase “architectural plants.” Maybe you haven’t given much thought to the term, or have guessed it must have something to do with size or shape or big buildings.

Some gardeners are veering away from the usual manicured grass lawn bordered by flowers in favor of creating more natural-looking garden spaces. A great way to do this is by planting an understory garden.

May in Your Garden

Marigold African

Boxed trees in line

September in Your Garden

magnolia branches

As the weather starts to warm up and energy bills start to rise, it’s nice to have a cool, private spot to sit and enjoy your garden. It’s time to start thinking about adding some shade to your yard!

            Summer is a great time of year for planting new plants because most plants are nicely leafed out or even in bloom.  During hot summer months plants will be growing vigorously and demanding a lot of watering and feeding, especially if they are in containers or not yet established in your garden.  You may need to water as often as every day (or more for container plants).  Use a timed-release fertilizer or give frequent light feedings with granular organic fertilizers such as Gro Power for flowers, herbs and vegetables.citrus trees

Spring has Sprung in a Big Way

After weeks and weeks of much needed rainfall, spring has finally arrived and boy are we busy. Maybe our customers realize what great value is available here at Evergreen Nursery or simply want to get out and “smell the roses”, so to speak; but for whatever reason, our nurseries have been packed every weekend. With the drive-through nature and massive size of our facilities, there is still plenty of opportunity to ramble around and see all the color and smell the flowers in a real working wholesale nursery open to the public.

Many times we get this question at the nursery, “We’ve got a slope in our yard and we just don’t know what to do with it. What do we plant on it?” It’s a great question with a lot of possibilities but also a lot of angst and living in San Diego, chances are you have a slope somewhere on your property.

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