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Popular Plants

Are you familiar with the “Twilight” fantasy romance series? The handsome vampire, Edward, sweeps the hopelessly infatuated mortal, Bella, off her feet; they fall in love and…I don’t want to tell you the whole story and ruin it for you but I’m sure you get the idea. What was so unusual about Edward, other than his good looks and charm? His skin had an iridescent glow to it when exposed in the light.

The other day, I was at a big-box ‘hardware’ store buying some supplies. No, I wasn’t buying plants…that would be silly since Evergreen Nursery is the largest wholesale nursery in San Diego County. While waiting in line behind a customer I noticed she had a box of deciduous daylily bulbs. I commented that those were beautiful daylilies but they were deciduous and would go dormant during the winter. She thanked me for the information but decided to give them a try to see what happens.

Our Cyclamen crop is ready.  It will be available at all locations this week.  We will have 4" and 6" pots available in white, pink, purple, and red.  If you would like to special order a specific color please shoot us an email  info@evergreennursery.com.

The other day, I was driving along in Mission Beach, near the Catamaran Hotel, and I happened upon a hedge that I myself had planted nearly 30 years ago. Remembering that I planted it, I decided that I ought to stop and take a look at it. What a magnificent thing – here’s a little hedge, only about three feet tall, made from a plant called Natal Plum, botanically known as Carissa. It’s bright green, and for 30 years it’s been sitting in the same spot.

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