Recycling | Evergreen Nursery


Here at Evergreen, recycling has always been a part of our business plan. It was a part of our business plan way before it became politically correct and before everyone talked about ‘green’ this and ‘green’ that. One of the ways we recycle is by reusing plastic containers and the boxes we plant our trees in. So, next time you consider looking around for some garden products, remember, check your garage or out in the back and bring us those hard plastic containers.

Nothing frustrates me more than picking up the evening paper and reading about yet another government program for recycling that really takes more effort environmentally than it saves. It seems like everybody’s dying to do something ‘green’ and politically correct. Well, here at Evergreen, part of what frustrates me is we’ve been doing recycling for more than 30 years, and we have never done it because we wanted to be politically correct. We did it because it made good business sense and it was good for our own environment.

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