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Shade Gardening

Some gardeners are veering away from the usual manicured grass lawn bordered by flowers in favor of creating more natural-looking garden spaces. A great way to do this is by planting an understory garden.

Begonia 'Dragon Wing' is a versatile,  beautiful plant for almost any type of landscape. It can  be featured planted solo or planted in mass for that “bed of color” look, or mixed in with other plantings for that extra umph! Grows best in partial shade but can grow in full sun closer to the coast. It has very striking pink or red flowers that are back dropped by glossy “Dragon Wing” shaped leaves. The blooming season is just about all year long.

camellia shrub


Camellia japonica

Our Cyclamen crop is ready.  It will be available at all locations this week.  We will have 4" and 6" pots available in white, pink, purple, and red.  If you would like to special order a specific color please shoot us an email

People are always calling us up or sending us emails in search of a plant they can put in a really shady spot. Well, there are a couple of really wonderful plants that will work good for that. One of them is a Clivia miniata, better known as the Kaffir Lily. You may have seen it in other people’s yards as you’ve gone into the shaded entry of friends houses, and you see in the fall or winter it blooms with a bright orange flower like a lily. Well, that’s our friend the Clivia – what a magnificent plant.

A Vine for Shade

Often at we get request for what to do to plant a vine in a shady area or on a shady patio. Well, the two things that come to mind are Madagascar Jasmine (Stephanotis) and the other is the Violet Trumpet Vine (Clytostoma callistegoides).

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