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Creating Your Own Bouquets

Valentine’s Day is behind us but the enjoyment of a nice flower bouquet never goes away. Unfortunately,  commercial bouquets delivered through florists are pretty expensive and quite often aren’t that personal.Valentine’s Day flowers seem to be especially pricey although  buying a bouquet at any time of the year can set you back a pretty penny.  If you do a little planning and maybe rearrange the garden a bit you can enjoy bouquets of flowers or even fresh arrangements of foliage and berries at any time of the year.

At this time of year low-elevation winter gardens can yield a surprising array of choices for pleasing and imaginative indoor arrangements. You can create wonderful evergreen bouquets that may include no flowers at all-just buds, berries, fruits, and seed pods. For a more floral look, mix the winter bloomers listed below with evergreen foliage.

For the longest- lasting arrangements, choose mature foliage with waxy or leathery leaves (soft new growth wilts quickly) You may have to freshen them up from time to time with new berries or flowers because the foliage will always last longer.

Use the list here as your inspiration for planting this winter or spring so that next winter your garden will produce plenty of distinctive greenery, flowers, and fruit:


Flowering shrubs: Knife Acacia, Azalea, Camellia, Hebe, Breath of Heaven, Viburnum ‘Spring Bouquet’, Princess Flower, Statice, Bird of Paradise, Tea Tree, Sweet Pea Shrub,  and of course roses. 

Foliage: Breath of Heaven, Camellia, citrus, Juniper ‘Sea Green’, Eucalyptus, Grevillea, Heavenly Bamboo, Hebe, Purple Hopseed Bush, Japanese Aucuba, Pittosporum ‘Marjorie Channon’, Leather Leaf fern, Foxtail fern, Holly fern, Sweet Pea Shrub,  and Podocarpus.

Berries, seed pods or fruit: Citrus, Heavenly Bamboo, Purple Hopseed, Cotoneaster, Japanese Aucuba, Buford Holly, and Pittosporum tobira.    

Annuals & Perennials:  Alstroemeria, Coral Bells, Calendula, SnapdragonPoppy, Stock, and Ranunculus.

The combinations and plant choices are just about endless. Creating your own bouquets is a very self-fulfilling hobby. Give it a try! 

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