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A Dozen Roses for Tricky Climates

Rose bed Roses are one of the most popular garden flowers, yet many gardeners still shy away from them. Some are put off by their reputation for being a bit needy. Others think roses simply won’t grow well where they live. It turns out many of today’s roses are no more difficult to care for than other flowering shrubs. They’re more vigorous and disease resistant, and can be both pretty and tough in some pretty tough conditions!

Even though San Diego is blessed with the warm, dry days roses love, we do have varying microclimates that can present challenges. Maybe you’ve heard roses won’t tolerate the moisture near the coast or the high temperatures in inland areas. Fortunately, there are rose varieties for nearly any garden. The experts at Evergreen Nursery have hand picked a dozen beauties just for you.

Roses for Coastal Areas

The following rose varieties are highly disease and mildew resistant and fare better than others in seaside conditions. It’s recommended to position plants where they’ll be sheltered from very high winds and/or persistent salt spray.

Iceberg: This Shrub Rose is revered for its abundance of bright white blooms throughout summer months. It’s an easy care rose with few thorns; flowers are lightly fragrant.

Intrique: This Floribunda Rose exhibits many of the qualities of a Hybrid Tea, with large, well-formed blooms in a rich plum color. It has a sweet, citrusy fragrance.

Altissimo: A Climbing Rose with single, saucer-like blooms in a rich crimson color that bloom repeatedly with regular deadheading. The large flowers are mildly fragrant and long-lived.

Scentimental: This Floribunda Rose is boldly striped with burgundy and creamy white, with no two petals alike! It has a strong sweet/spicy fragrance and deep green foliage.

America: This Climbing Rose grows tall and lush with bright coral-pink flowers that appear both singly and in small clusters. It has a pleasant, spicy fragrance.

Sunsprite: A Floribunda Rose with bright yellow, unfading blooms and glossy green leaves. Flowers give off a sweet licorice fragrance. 

Roses for Hot Inland Areas

These rose varieties are proven winners when it comes to taking the heat. Plant in well-drained soil with adequate organic matter, and be sure plants receive consistent watering.

Rose Angel Face Angel Face: This Floribunda Rose has charming ruffled petals and a delightful fragrance. Flowers bloom in clusters of lavender tinged with burgundy. Fragrance is sweet and citrusy.

Double Delight: A popular Hybrid Tea Rose with eye-catching bicolor blooms in red and white and a spicy fragrance. The red color intensifies in higher temperatures.

Knock Out Roses: This Shrub Rose with continuous single blooms of white, pink, red or yellow is touted as one of the easiest of roses to care for. White and yellow varieties have a slight citrus scent.

Golden Showers: This Climbing Rose produces sprays of daffodil yellow blooms that have a sweet, honey-like fragrance. Deadheading encourages blooms and prolongs blooming season.

Gold Medal: A Grandiflora Rose with large showy blooms in deep gold brushed with orange and a delightful fruity fragrance. Very free-flowering all summer long.

Olympiad: This Hybrid Tea Rose features lush, velvety red blooms and grey-green leaves. It has mostly solitary blooms great for cutting, and a mild, spicy scent.