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S.D.H.S News

The SDHS is a friendly, happy group that reaches and serves the average gardener as well as the professional, yet still gives correct and dependable information. Since our founding in 1994, the SDHS has grown to over 1200 members, including passionate backyard gardeners, garden designers, nursery owners, garden writers, landscape architects, and other horticultural professionals. Our mission is to promote the enjoyment, art, knowledge and public awareness of horticulture in the San Diego area, while providing the opportunity for education and research. Our motto, Let’s Talk Plants!, perfectly sums up what most members like best about the SDHS – it provides a forum for plant enthusiasts to share their knowledge.

We invite you to attend our free friendly monthly meetings which are open to everyone, and include professional speakers, plant sales, plant descriptions by experts and much more. They attract over 350 people, from the beginning gardener to the experienced orchid hybridizer. Membership benefits include our monthly 26-page newsletter of locally-relevant gardening information. We have an extensive lending library of books and videos, organize garden tours, have a user-friendly website, and annually host an evening with world-famous horticulturists like Christopher Lloyd, Penelope Hobhouse, and Dan Hinkley. For more information visit www.sdhortsoc.org.

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