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Fall is for Planting

     Every year we remind our customers of the great benefits of fall planting. Well, fall is upon us and we have to remind you all again to get busy!! It is just a wonderful time to plant - the weather is warm but not hot which gives new lawns and plants an early start before battling the cold winter weather. The ground is still warm and soon-to-fall rains will help establish good roots. If you're considering planting some California natives, it is the very best time.
     For a wonderful variety of fall colors plant Chrysanthemums. Other flowers may includeCyclamen (see picture),Pansies, ViolasCandytuftSnapdragonsStock, Ivy Geraniumsand Dianthus. Stick basically with what works for you, but for variety, try growing something you haven't before. Get ready for the holidays by planting Cotoneaster, HollyPyracantha, or Toyon shrubs for beautiful winter berries and Pink Jasmine for some breathtaking holiday fragrance. 
     Many roses will be giving their last blooms of the season in October - you still have time to see what that flower looks and smells like. Plant now - with a little fertilizer, pruning and care you may coax out another bloom before the cool climate puts them to sleep. 
     Do you need a good wind break for those hot Santa Ana winds? Consider FicusPodocarpusAcaciaMelaleucaPepper Trees, and Pines. Water and fertilize deeply to help them get firmly established. Be thoughtful about where to plant them and if you aren't sure, come on in and ask one of our experts. 
     Lastly, don't forget about our Southern California staple - The Palm Tree. Our climate is perfect for the many varieties we carry. Check out our flip book in this month's newsletter to learn more. Have some questions? Email us at info@evergreennursery.com or come on in. Bring the kids and the dog, we'll be waiting for you here at Evergreen!

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