GARDENING TIPS FOR DECEMBER 2016 | Evergreen Nursery


  • Bedding Plants – Plant calendulas, candytuft, cyclamen, dianthus, pansies, Iceland poppies, primrose and snapdragon.  Some late winter blooming plants to include are begonia, cineraria, columbine, English daisy, lobelia, nemesia, phlox and sweet alyssum.  Cut back impatiens to encourage early spring growth.  Divide acanthus, agapanthus, Shasta daisies, daylilies, gazanias, heuchera and hollyhocks.
  • Vegetables and Herbs – Plant seeds of beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery, lettuce, onions, parsley and Swiss chard.  Harvest Brussels sprouts and remove lower leaves to promote new growth.
  • Lawns – Mow actively growing cool season grasses at least twice a month now.  Set mower blades to 1 ½”.  Feed with a high nitrogen fertilizer or ammonium nitrate to maintain vigor and avoid rust.
  • Roses – Prune floribundas and miniature roses mid-moth.  Remove weeds and fallen leaves.
  • Some Specific Plants – Purchase holiday poinsettias early in the month while selection is best.  Cymbidium orchids and Christmas cactus are blooming now and make perfect gifts.  Beautiful orchid flowers last a month or more, even when cut.  Grow them outdoors in a protected location.  While you can choose from a variety of bare root berries, rose bushes, fruit and shade trees and grapevines now, we recommend waiting a month or two until the plants are in full bloom.  Bare root plants purchased at traditional and chain store nurseries or other stored can be dried out due to inadequate storing.  By purchasing container plants you can be sure to get the variety you are looking for with healthy root and top growth.  Many plants are at rest now so cut back watering.  Be sure to provide good drainage and adequate windbreaks for new plants.
  • Pest Control – A dormant oil spray should be applied now to deciduous fruit trees, rose bushes and berry vines.
Holiday Treats
  • Make Christmas critters from pods and cones collected throughout the year and use them to decorate your tree, Christmas table, or presents.  String popcorn and holly berries to decorate your home.
  • Sprinkle dried herbs on the fire to add fragrance to a room before guests arrive.
  • Flowers and plants make thoughtful, personal and long lasting gifts.



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