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Gardening Tips for July 2015

  • Work in the Garden – Continue to fertilize regularly because plants are using food as quickly as you supply it. Prune faster growing plants to keep them vigorous and to control water use.  Fertilize lawns when the grass is dry but the ground is moist; then water thoroughly. Leech container plants by flooding to remove excess salts.
  • Planting and Transplanting – Hardy bougainvillea vines are blooming now in an array of beautiful colors. If you’re planting any new plants do not disturb the roots. Water deeply. Trim hedges and bushes to promote dense, new growth. Since flowering is usually produced on old wood, prune new wood to control growth.
  • Bedding Plants – Pinch back summer annuals to increase flower production.  At this time of year they need to be watered almost daily. Color packs of summer color, including Alyssum, Dusty Miller, Marigolds, Petunias, Portulaca, and Lobelia are available at the nursery now in Evergreen Nursery’s economical 4” 8-packs. Plant Cyclamen for long lasting white, pink or rose flowers November to April.
  • Vegetables and Herbs – Plant seeds of beans, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes and summer squash. Trim and support tomatoes to keep fruit from touching the ground.  Remove most side shoots to train from a single leader. Harvest onions when foliage turns yellow. Continue drying flowers and herbs for year round use or for holiday gifts.
  • Fruiting Plants – Peg down runners of late variety strawberries for the next crop.  Pick apricots, early apples, citrus, nectarines, peaches, pears and plums.  Evergreen provides a wide variety of your favorite fruiting trees and vines.  With proper care and planning you can grow delicious and productive fruit trees all season long.  For smaller spaces choose from a variety of dwarf and espaliered fruit trees, or perhaps a tree grafted to provide two or even three different kinds of fruit.
  • Roses – Bayer Rose & Flower Spray every 4-6 weeks as needed; use insecticidal soap if necessary to control mites now through September. Water once to three times a week depending on soil and weather conditions.  Remember to water deeply.
  • Pest Control – Keep fallen fruits and vegetable and spent flowers picked up so as not to encourage pests.

Longer, Hotter Days Encourage Plants to Grow Quickly

  • During hot summer months plants may be stressed for water.  Check the irrigation system and schedule.  Maintain soil moisture and quality with consistent watering, fertilizing and mulching.
  • Extend the productiveness of your fruit garden by choosing varieties to stagger the fruiting season.

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