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Gift Ideas for Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Wondering what to get for your mom that won’t be the same recycled idea from last year? Since Mother’s Day and flowers go hand in hand, why not consider a garden related gift that reflects one of her passions. Live plants make wonderful, lasting gifts! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Lotion lover: Try lavender!
Does your mom always make a beeline for shops that offer lavender scented soaps and lotions? Why not select a beautiful lavender plant (lavandula) to add to her garden? Both the leaves and flowers of lavender are fragrant, so Mom can breathe in her favorite scent any time year-round.

Hummingbird magnet: How about cape honeysuckle, hibiscus, or verbena?
Maybe your mom adores hummingbirds, and already has a great collection of hummingbird earrings, necklaces, magnets, and figurines. Attract her favorite acrobatic bird into your garden with a beautiful Cape honeysuckle (Tecomaria capensi), hibiscus, or verbena.

Creative cook: Choose fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary and basil.
Is your mom passionate about cooking or entertaining? Nothing elevates a dish like fresh picked herbs! Gather a selection of aromatic herb plants like thyme, rosemary and basil and start a container garden.

Nature lover: Have some aloe ready!
Perhaps Mom loves the outdoors and is always ready for a day hike or a beach outing. Does she overdue it sometimes and forget to reapply sunscreen? Whoops… sounds like she could use a cooling, healing aloe vera plant in the garden or a beautiful pot, ready for soothing the occasional sunburn. It’s also great for bug bites and poison ivy!

Hobby florist: Peruvian lily, cosmos, marigolds, poppies, roses, and New Zealand tea tree are perfect for snipping!
If your mom loves placing bouquets of fresh flowers throughout the house, add some long-lasting blooms to her cutting garden. Peruvian lily (Alstroemeria), cosmos, marigolds (Tagetes), and Icelandic poppies (Papaver nudicaule) are just a few good picks to include in an impromptu posy. For an elegant bouquet just waiting to be put together, choose a rose bush along with a pretty fern and a filler flower like New Zealand Tea Tree (Leptospermum scoparium).

Ready for pampering: Cooling shade and citrus!
Or maybe your mom craves a shady spot to relax and sip a nice, cool mimosa. We’ve got plenty of citrus and shade trees for that! Just add champagne and join us in saying a big “Cheers!” to hardworking moms everywhere.