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Good bye Rancho Bernardo, hello Blossom Valley!

It was fun while it lasted. When we took over the Green Thumb nursery site on Highland Valley Road back in 2002, we thought we would be there for many years.   We were wrong. It seems as though the rule “no good deed goes unpunished” applied to us.   We cleaned up the place and installed a state of the art water reclamation system to prevent years of runoff from going in to Lake Hodges. The City of San Diego wanted us to rebuild all of Green Thumb’s old buildings that had been there for thirty years which we felt was unfair and costly. After arguing with the city for many years, we had to give up the battle and use our resources elsewhere.

Many of you have gotten tremendous deals in the last few months while we were having our close-out sale. Sunday, March 6th was our last day to be “open” and we had a banner day. The last minute bargain shoppers came and filled up their trucks and cars with half-off plants and trees. Beautiful Sago Palms and Pigmy Date Palms were flying out of there. Oak trees and Olive trees in 15 gallon buckets found new homes. Now we start cleaning up so you might see activity in the nursery but it is just us moving out the rest of the inventory to our other locations.
Where do we move all the leftovers? Some of it will come to our Oceanside and Carmel Valley stores. The larger items will move down the road to our tree farm in San Pasqual. The majority of it will go to our new wholesale nursery location in Blossom Valley. We are very excited about this new place which is visible from Interstate 8 and is at the intersection of Blossom Valley Road and Flynn Springs Road. It is 50 acres, is all on our own well water and it has a wonderful climate for growing the items that are so popular right now such as drought tolerant trees like hybrid Mesquites, Desert Museum Palo Verdes and Fruitless Olives. We’ll have lots of screening plants such as columnar Texas Privet, Little Ollie dwarf olives and compact Carolina Cherries. And, how about hundreds of modern succulents like Agave, Aloe, Echeveria, and Crassula. We won’t forget about all of your common landscape favorites such as Indian Hawthorne, five varieties of Mock Orange (Pittosporum), 25 different varieties of vines and hundreds of fruit and citrus trees, roses, color and ground cover.
Keep checking back with us and we’ll update you on our progress!


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