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Home Prices Enhanced By Trees

A recent investigation conducted by investigators L. M. Anderson and H. K. Cordell showed that trees had a definite economic influence on the purchase price of residential properties. The study showed that the value of a home increased if it was landscaped with trees; the kind (deciduous of evergreen) or species had no significant influence. Based on data from 934 home sales, a buyer paid three to five percent more for a single family home with trees than for a similar residence without trees and, it seems it was the trees which made the difference.
A similar study conducted by the American Association of Nurserymen (AAN) showed that a nice-looking yard increased property value up to 30 percent over an unlanscaped one, with the average being about 12 percent. Without a doubt, trees are a valuable asset to any home.


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I can verify that fact. When we sold our house which was essentially the same house as one down the street, our sales price was higher. I'm sure it was the landscaping that did it.