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How to Choose the Freshest Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree growing Everyone wants their Christmas tree to be as fresh as possible and the shining star of their holiday décor. But how do you know you’re getting a fresh tree?

Evergreen Nursery’s Christmas trees come from small, independently owned farms in the Pacific Northwest from farmers we’ve known for years. Trees arrive at our nurseries and lots within 3 days of cutting and are stored in water after getting a fresh cut upon arrival. When you buy your tree, we’ll give it another fresh cut to maintain freshness for as long as possible.

Christmas Tree Care

Once you get it home, what can you do to help your tree last longer? First, place it in warm water when you get home and use a tree preservative. Keep your tree away from direct sunlight and drying heat sources. Most importantly, make sure the tree stand is always filled with water. Consider your holiday plans when deciding when to purchase your tree. Even the freshest trees won’t last that long. Don’t be swayed by when Thanksgiving falls – the Christmas holiday, and for some New Year’s, are the dates that matter most!

Types of Christmas Trees

Once you know how to preserve your tree, you only need to find the perfect one! Before heading to the nursery, consider which type of tree is right for you. The following varieties will be available at Evergreen Nursery this holiday season:

Fraser Fir

The "tough as nails" Christmas tree. Fraser Firs are known for their longevity and pretty two-tone gray and green needles. Upswept branching and stiff needles make it great for hanging ornaments.

Noble Fir

The most popular Christmas tree. Open spacing between stiff branches allows plenty of room for hanging ornaments. Long-lasting with a mild fragrance.

Alpine Natural Noble Alpine Natural Noble

If you want a rugged, natural look and room to feature your ornaments, this is the Noble Fir for you. It has a more open branch spacing and sturdy branches.

Nordman Fir

This newer variety holds up better than a Noble Fir and has shinier needles. It drops few needles and barely has a fragrance, making it a better choice for allergy sufferers. Branches are less stiff than on a Noble, with open space for ornaments.

Grand Fir

This tree is by far the most fragrant and has shiny dark green needles.  Its branching is full, so only the outside is decorated. This variety is usually brought in a week later than Noble, Fraser, and Nordman varieties.

Douglas Fir Douglas Fir

The traditional, economical choice with a thin needle, very dense branching, and the most traditional fragrance. This variety is usually available at the same time as the Grand Fir.

Black Hills Spruce

A lush, dense variety of white Spruce with stiff, blue-green needles arranged spirally on branches – perfect for hanging ornaments.

All of Evergreen Nursery’s Christmas trees are plantation grown to help protect the environment. Christmas tree recycling is also available at our three locations. Fireproofing (required for commercial trees) and custom flocking and are also available. Another tip – a flocked tree will last longer and is fire resistant!

To view photos of each type of tree we offer, visit our Christmas Page.

Holiday Plants

Poinsettias Of course, your decorating isn’t complete without holiday plants and greenery. We also offer cedar garland, mixed Noble Fir wreaths and boughs, and holiday plants including Poinsettias, Cyclamen, colorful Kalanchoe. Come on in to one of our nurseries for a fresh start to your holiday decorating!

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