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What's Happening - June 2019

Get Ready for Lazy Days of Summer

A close up of a yellow flowerDescription automatically generatedNo matter how much you love gardening, most of us would rather sip lemonade under a shade tree than pull weeds in 90-degree heat. We might be enjoying the results of rainfall and cooler days now, but before we know it the heat of summer will be upon us. Now’s the perfect time to prepare for a more toil-free season.

Keep weeds at bay by adding a layer of mulch to your beds and use a pre-emergent as necessary to prevent sprouting. Mulch also helps with moisture retention to cut down on watering time. Setting up a good irrigation system now will also save on labor and help with more efficient water usage. If you’re spending too much time raking leaves and fallen fruit around your trees, consider replacing them with less messy varieties. Here at Evergreen Nursery we have plenty of great non-invasive, evergreen shade trees like Wilson Olive, Photinia, Bronze Loquat, and Australian Willow, which contribute less drop. To cut down on pruning tasks, choose slower growing shrubs like Dwarf Yeddo Hawthorn, Dwarf Yaupon Holly or Dwarf Olive. Plant Knock Out Roses for classic beauty with less fuss. And don’t forget dependable succulents like Red Yucca and Foxtail Agave, which are easy on care and water usage.

We know you’ll want to save room in your flower beds for some eye-popping annuals, but a foundation of perennials like Lantana, African Daisies, and Scaevola will keep your beds filled with color when it’s just too hot to be digging holes! When summer comes, save the deadheading and transplanting for the cool evening hours, and spend the days enjoying the fruits of your labor. Ready to start planning? Come on down, bring the kids and the dog – we’ll be waiting for you right here at Evergreen.



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