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What's Happening - February 2020

Trees in Winter

After summer and fall when many of the bright flowers fade and garden beds slow down a notch, it’s the trees that become the stars of the landscape. Deciduous trees like Crape Myrtle, Cottonwood and Palo Alto Sweetgum give us a nice show of colorful leaves and interesting seedpods well into the season. When they finally drop their leaves, we can admire their intricate branch structures and the subtle shapes they make in the winter landscape.

 With the deciduous trees now stripped of all the showy foliage, evergreen trees come into focus. Some, like the Marina Strawberry Tree, California Pepper and Toyon are decorated with bright berries. As you drive around the older neighborhoods of San Diego County, you might notice all the large evergreen trees that have stood the test of time. Two types we love here at Evergreen Nursery -  Oak trees and Olive trees, are the subject of our flipbook for this month. These California mainstays are long-lived and dependable, able to tolerate the cycles of rain and drought so common to our area. And of course, stately Palm trees like Queen Palm and Mexican Fan Palm keep us reminded of how lucky we are to live in a place where we can enjoy tropical plants all year!

We also have our deciduous stone fruit trees in the nursery now, and not too long from now their branches will start displaying those gorgeous spring blossoms – an annual event not to be missed! Don’t be persuaded to rush out to buy bare root fruit trees. Read our blog article about Evergreen Nursery’s “Un-Bare Root” fruit trees to ensure the best chances of success for your plants when you take them home.

Come on in when you’re ready to start planning what new trees to add to your yard or home orchard. Bring the kids and the dog – we’ll be waiting for you right here at Evergreen Nursery.


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