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What's Happening - May 2020

May is for Moms

Rose plants yellow and red It’s wonderful to see so many people visiting our nurseries and taking advantage of warmer weather, outdoor shopping, and the chance to get into new gardening projects. We greatly appreciate the patience and support of our customers as we all continue to adjust to our “new normal.”  People have realized that you can shop safely from your own bubble of a car here at Evergreen Nursery. It has been very busy at all our nurseries on the weekends. For those of you who are stuck at home, we recommend you come in after 9:00 am on the weekdays for the best service. We hope the forecast for May is favorable in every way.

The month of May always turns our thoughts to Mother’s Day. We realize this year Mother’s Day might look a little different for lots of folks. You may be challenged to come up with new and creative ways to make sure Mom has the special day she deserves. Well, here at Evergreen Nursery we have lots of options to help brighten Mom’s day.

As always, we have plenty of mixed color bowls, hanging baskets, and colorful bedding plants like Petunias, African Daisies and Verbena to give an instant and long-lasting “bouquet.” But maybe now is also the perfect time to offer to help Mom get some bigger garden tasks checked off her list. After all, she deserves the best!

May is the busiest month for major garden projects of all kinds. It is the perfect month to plant a vegetable garden with summer vegetables and herbs, or to create a shrubby privacy screen with plants like Cape Honeysuckle, Mock Orange, or Leptospermum. We also have many varieties of citrus and stone fruit trees to add to Mom’s home orchard. And of course, now is the best time to choose from our huge selection of roses, which are now in full bloom. Rose bushes will provide flowers for months, and vegetables and fruit trees give a yummy harvest. Plants are the gifts that keep on giving!

So come in and let us help you come up with a plan that suits Mom. Take advantage of our drive-through shopping experience and shop from the comfort and safety of your car. We’ll be waiting for you right here at Evergreen Nursery!


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