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What's Happening - April 2021

Make Wow Happen Now

Palm trees in Landscape Does your landscape have that wow factor? You’ve been working in the garden, you’ve got good soil and plenty of plants, but does it still seem like something is missing? Here at Evergreen Nursery we have lots of ideas to take your front and back yards from good enough to great.

One sure way to get visual impact: go big. Like a room filled entirely with small, wall-hugging furniture, an unfinished garden space can be pulled together with one or two large-scale items. If you have room for an impressive shade tree like a Camphor or Carrotwood tree, or a grouping of palm trees, go for it! When space is limited, a large container planted with a small tree or large shrub like Hibiscus or Cape Honeysuckle will create a focal point, as will an arbor adorned with a climbing vine like Pink Jasmine or Bower Vine. A tall hedge or screen can also boldly define your landscape.

Take advantage of color to get your garden noticed. Adding large blocks of color and limiting color schemes to 2-3 favorite shades will draw more attention than a rainbow mix sprinkled haphazardly throughout your yard. For striking foliage color, choose shrubs like Golden Euonymus, Caribbean Copper Plant, or Arabian Lilac. Use bold shapes to add form to your landscape - look for architectural plants like Dwarf Italian Cypress, Agaves, or a Privet or Boxwood topiary. An unusual plant like Silk Floss Tree, Ponytail Palm or Sticks on Fire can also make a great conversation piece in the garden.

Come on in and find the plants that’ll provide the “wow” you want in your landscape design. Bring the kids and the dog – we’ll be waiting right here for you at Evergreen Nursery.


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