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What's Happening - October 2019

Fall is for Planting – and Saving

Evergreen Nursery View with Angelonia Our Fall Sale and fall planting go hand in hand! Southern California garden experts remind us of the virtues of planting in the fall for a number of reasons. The ground is still warm from summer’s heat, and the promise of rainfall to come will help with planting and establishing good roots. 

Fortunately for our customers this prime time for planting coincides with our Annual Million-Dollar Fall Clearance Sale, happening right now! This is the time of year that we move out our “leftovers” to make room for our spring plantings.  Although here at Evergreen Nursery we are growing, propagating and shifting plants all year long, the fall brings a special emphasis for us to clean up and move on!  Be sure to visit one of our nurseries, or check our website to find the best deals of the year on plants like Queen Palms, Knock Out Roses, Fig Trees, and more.

Fall is also a great time to establish a waterwise garden.  Many California natives like California Lilac and Mahonia, as well as succulents like Aloes and Agaves, do best when planted in the fall.  They have a growth cycle that patterns after our local rainfall cycles and humidity.  By planting in the fall, the plants have an opportunity to get established, take advantage of what rainfall we do get and be prepared to withstand the spring growing season and summer heat.  For tips on gardening with succulents and natives, join us this Saturday for our October seminar, Waterwise Landscaping with Succulents and Natives.

Come see for yourself the colors and abundance of fall here at Evergreen Nursery, and be sure to take advantage of our fall sale -  with pricing below our everyday low wholesale prices.



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