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What's Happening - June 2021

Red Iceberg Roses Relax in the Garden

Before getting into the gardening news this month, we’d like to thank all of you who made generous donations to the Valle Rojas/Mendez families. Their challenges will be ongoing for years and your help is much appreciated. They have been overwhelmed and so thankful for the outpouring of support shown by so many people from so many places. Our Evergreen friends never cease to amaze us. (If you missed our email and their story, you can see my message with a link to their GoFundMe page here).

Back to the news!  Summer is approaching, and it’s a great time to be in the garden. Many people take up gardening as a way to relax. It‘s a proven winner for setting cares aside, but do you know what else is relaxing? Being able to sit outside and enjoy the fruits of your work! Plan your garden so it won’t become too demanding, especially in hot summer months. Here are a few suggestions for plants that won’t break your back with maintenance, leaving more time to relax in your garden.

If you want roses without all the fuss, plant Iceberg and Knock Out varieties, which offer prolific blooms and tough-as-nails performance. Don’t shy away from landscape plants you see all over town – there’s a reason they’re so popular! If a plant can tough it out along the median strip of a busy road, imagine how great it’ll look in your yard with a little TLC. Pittosporum, Heavenly Bamboo, Escallonia, and Little John Callistemon are a few evergreen shrubs that don’t require heavy maintenance. For easy tropical style, plant Dwarf Umbrella Tree, Pygmy Date Palm, Xanadu Philodendron, and Bird of Paradise. Reduce the time you spend dead-heading Bird of Paradise by cutting some of these long-lasting beauties to enjoy inside in flower arrangements. Other low-maintenance flowering plants that make great cut flowers are Kangaroo Paw, Lily of the Nile, Daylily, Cosmos, and Peruvian Lily.

There will always be plenty of garden tasks that bring the satisfaction of working in the great outdoors, and with a little planning you can do them without over-doing it. So come on in, bring the kids and the dog – we’ll be waiting for you right here at Evergreen Nursery!


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