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Message from the President - June 2018

A Time For Landscaping

Summer is nearly here, and Southern California is in full bloom. It’s not just new plants and flowers coming up everywhere, but also new housing developments, and many folks are taking advantage of this peak season to move into a new home.  A major part of turning a new house into a home is developing your new landscape! Here at Evergreen we have a huge selection of specimen and shade trees to give your yard a seasoned look. Try peppermint willow, flowering plum, carrotwood and arbutus. Is your new concrete wall looking a little stark? We’ve got plenty of vines like bougainvillea, trumpet vine or black-eyed Susan vine to fix that. Is your neighbor’s well-used RV a little too visible? Here you can find the perfect privacy hedge for that, too! Some stunners are boxwood, privet and podocarpus. We’ve got palms, tropicals and succulents to turn your new pool into an oasis, and everything else you need to create your own version of paradise.

Whether you’re a new or longtime homeowner, there’s always room to add color! Our nursery is overflowing right now with colorful hanging baskets, containers, bedding flowers like African daisy, dahlia, celosia, dianthus, and of course: roses and more roses. The best part is, you don’t have to tackle your new landscaping project alone. Our experts right here at Evergreen will be waiting to help turn your vision into a reality.

Mark Collins
Evergreen Nursery


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