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What's Happening - December 2019

A tree in a forestDescription automatically generatedIt’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Christmas time has come to Evergreen Nursery. Our storefronts are once again transformed into bustling Christmas tree lots, and we’ve extended our hours to give you plenty of time to pick your perfect tree. Our special Christmas tree lot in Carmel Mountain Ranch is also now open (see our Christmas Page for more info). There’s nothing like the smell of fresh Christmas trees to bring back your childhood Christmas memories!

Unlike the big box stores, you won’t see a lot of holiday hustle here starting as early as  Halloween (or sooner!), but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy getting everything ready to make your Christmas merry and bright. If you follow us on Facebook, you may have gotten a few glimpses over the last months of our beautiful Cyclamen plants growing in the greenhouse. We get them started at just the right time to be ready to brighten up your holidays. Since early fall we’ve made multiple trips to the same family farmed Christmas tree plantations in the Pacific Northwest we’ve known for years, to personally choose and tag the best Christmas trees for our customers. And did you know everyone’s favorite Christmas flowering plant, the Poinsettia, is actually a small tropical tree? Planted in the garden, poinsettias can grow up to 12 feet! As in past years, we have a huge selection of vibrant, locally grown Poinsettias.

As for our Christmas trees, you can count on them being the freshest they can be when you shop. Our trees are cut right before being loaded onto trucks and transported to our nurseries and tree lot, so our customers never have to worry they’ve been sitting around on loading docks out of water for weeks. As soon as our trees arrive, they’re given another fresh cut and are stored in water right up until you take them home. When you get your tree home, place it in warm water and use a tree preservative to help it last as long as possible. Keep it away from direct sunlight and drying heat sources, and keep the stand filled with water at all times.

You can check out our selection of holiday trees and plants in our flip book this month – and be sure to flip through to the end to find a special offer for our best customers!



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