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Message from the President - July 2018

A Knock Out Winner
Over the years I’ve witnessed countless people from around the world come to enjoy San Diego during this time of year, the peak of summer. Many of them visit us here at Evergreen.  They’ve heard of our unique drive through system in a park-like setting with acres and acres of locally grown plants.  Many tourists comment on the blooming landscape of our city.  It truly is knockout gorgeous.
All around San Diego, home and professional gardeners alike tend to their own piece of the landscape, and often roses are the star attraction. Although the large showy blooms of hybrid teasKnock Out Rose and grandifloras are always a favorite, one variety that delivers a stellar performance is the Knock Out rose. Knock Out roses are for everyone, especially those who want a low-fuss rose that’s big on delivery. These proven winners offer continuous, showy blooms in compact form that are highly resistant to pests and diseases. They are perfect for hedges and entryways and are also great for containers and patio gardens. Bright blooms in pink, red, yellow and white have glossy green foliage and need no spraying or heavy pruning.
Of course, here at Evergreen Nursery, we offer hundreds of Knock Out roses to you at wholesale prices, so don’t wait to fill in your rose garden.  Come on in and see our huge selection.  Don’t forget to bring the kids and the dog, we’ll be waiting for you, right here at Evergreen!
Mark Collins
Evergreen Nursery


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