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What's Happening - August 2019

Retreat from the Heat

A plant in a garden</p>
<p>Description automatically generatedSometimes it’s just too darn hot for outdoor gardening. During the dog days of summer, save the outside tasks for cooler mornings or evenings. When temperatures rise, why not turn your attention indoors? Right now at Evergreen Nursery we have a huge selection of indoor plants, from small Echeverias in 2-inch pots to Dracaenas and Palm Trees that can reach up to 8 feet or more. Big or small, an indoor garden is a great way to stay surrounded by greenery without wilting in the heat.

Besides being pretty to look at, houseplants offer loads of benefits. For starters, they’re one of the most economical ways to upgrade the look of your interior. Smaller plants like the Starfish Snake Plant and ZZ Plant dress up tables and shelves. Large floor plants like the Fiddle Leaf Fig and Dragon Tree create focal points and fill in empty spaces – a big plus if you’ve just moved into a new home and don’t have a lot of furniture!

Houseplants offer health benefits, too. As gardeners we already know plants boost your mood. They also purify the air and help you breathe better by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen during the day. Some plants like Bromeliads and Snake Plants continue the process of releasing oxygen at night as well.

Some other ways houseplants improve your environment are by raising humidity levels, cooling air temperatures, and reducing ambient noise. Get some inspiration for a cooler summer gardening experience by browsing our Flip Book, 2019 Houseplant Varieties. Then come see us at Evergreen to pick out your favorites and get your indoor garden growing.



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