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Message from the President - October 2018

Fresh Air and Fresh Fruit

After this year’s “long hot summer” it is nice to go out in the evening and feel a little cool breeze. For many gardeners, the feel of crisp fall air and the taste of crisp autumn ripe apples go hand in hand. Here at Evergreen we have a large selection of juicy, Apple Gala Southern California apple varieties to choose from like Gala, Pink Lady, Anna and more. But don’t stop there! Apples aren’t the only fruit to enjoy in the fall, and we’ve got an assortment of other fruit trees to choose from that will set you up for many summers and falls to come. Why not expand your edible garden and enjoy a bounty of fresh autumn fruits?

Consider pears and grapes, which are perfect for fall salads and holiday plates. For more exotic flavors, we have guavas, passionfruit, pomegranates and figs. Some varieties of figs like the Improved Brown Turkey have two fruiting times – once in spring and again in fall. Pomegranates begin ripening from summer to fall and have a long storage life, so they can be enjoyed throughout winter months. And our passionfruit varieties pack a punch of nutrients, perfect for juicing!

And don’t forget, the taste of citrus is not just for summer! Many varieties of lemons and limes, such as Eureka Lemon and Bearss Lime, are everbearing. Almost all our twelve varieties of mandarins are fall and winter bearers.

Be sure to check our ad to see what’s on sale now during our Annual Fall Clearance. Fall is a wonderful time to plant and our fall clearance is a great way to save. So come on out, bring the kids and the dog - we’ll be waiting for you right here at Evergreen.


Mark Collins
Evergreen Nursery


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