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Message from the President - July 2018

Let the Sun Shine In!

The other day a customer called for advice for her once sun-filled yard that now presented her with the challenge of gardening in nearly full shade. She even had moss growing on the side of her house! If your garden has matured over time, or your new home has an overplanted yard, it may be time for a landscape makeover. When overgrown trees and vines darken your yard and your mood, come visit us at Evergreen Nursery; we’ll help you see the light!

You might want to start by pruning or removing trees and plants that have outgrown your garden. Lifting the canopy by cutting away lower tree branches will let in light and make your yard feel more spacious. When planting new Sunlight through Palm Fronds trees, consider their size when mature and how they will affect the light. Check out our flip book for this month, Trees for Smaller Yards, to get ideas for trees that work well in smaller spaces. Position taller plants and shrubs carefully, as light for surrounding low-profile plants will be affected depending on whether they are on the north or south side. Don’t worry that into every garden, a little shade must fall – we have shade-loving plants like begonias, ixora and impatiens to brighten those areas, too. And plants in containers can always be moved to find optimum light.

Here at Evergreen we have hundreds of trees at wholesale prices to suit your landscape needs. We have a huge selection of evergreens for year-round beauty. Some have a narrow canopy to allow more surrounding light. Others  have an open leaf and branch structure to allow for filtered sunlight. Deciduous trees can be great to plant near the house, as many provide filtered shade in summer while letting in sun and warmth in winter. Just remember we’re here to help shed some light on your situation - and get you out of the “woods!”

Mark Collins
Evergreen Nursery


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