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What's Happening - August 2020

Looking Up!

Pink Bower Vine on trellis Most gardens start out rather flat. We often don’t think of how adding height to the landscape adds interest to the design.

A quick way to add that desired height to your garden is to plant something that likes to climb, and give it something to climb on! A flowering vine like Bower Vine, Lavender Trumpet Vine, or Star Jasmine is perfect for covering a fence or scrambling up a trellis or arbor. For beds and borders, look beyond the bright bedding plants and incorporate some taller accent plants like Birds of Paradise, Pygmy Date Palms, or New Zealand Flax. Adding taller plants that cast some shade brings another advantage – you’ll be able to include smaller shade loving plants like Begonias and Impatiens, too.

A hedge also adds vertical interest in the landscape, but even a hedge doesn’t have to be all one level. Consider creating a tiered hedge by combining plants of different heights, like taller Pittosporum or Abelia with lower growing hedge plants like Indian Hawthorn and Little John Callistemon in front of the taller ones. And of course, trees top the list for adding height and focal points, from small yard specimens like Crape Myrtles and Purple Flowering Plums, to large landscape trees like Southern Magnolias or New Zealand Christmas Trees.

Another way to get your garden off the ground is to take advantage of fixed elements like stairs or multi-level decks. Place similar container grown plants on different levels to create unity and depth, using architectural plants like Snake Plants, Agaves, pruned Boxwood, or dwarf Citrus trees. Even a simple container planting like potted Ivy Geraniums benefits from some added height – try adding a spiky Cordyline or Flax Lily.

Come on in and we’ll help you find plenty of reasons to look up! Bring the kids and the dog – we’ll be waiting for you right here at Evergreen Nursery.


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