Message From Our President April 2017 | Evergreen Nursery

Message From Our President April 2017

Spring has Sprung in a Big Way

After weeks and weeks of much needed rainfall, spring has finally arrived and boy are we busy. Maybe our customers realize what great value is available here at Evergreen Nursery or simply want to get out and “smell the roses”, so to speak; but for whatever reason, our nurseries have been packed every weekend. With the drive-through nature and massive size of our facilities, there is still plenty of opportunity to ramble around and see all the color and smell the flowers in a real working wholesale nursery open to the public.

If you have a larger planting project in mind, you might want to plan to come during the week or earlier or later on the weekends when we are less busy so we will have more time to help with your individual ideas without a rush. Regardless of when you come, the plants are really putting on a show this year. All the rainfall has left everything bright, shiny and bristling with flowers.

Whether you ‘re interested in a whole yard of plants or just want to see the latest colors, come on out and bring the kids and the dog, we will be waiting for you right here at Evergreen Nursery. 

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