Message from the President May 2017 | Evergreen Nursery

Message from the President May 2017

May is for Mother's Day! 
      Here at Evergreen Nursery when we think of May we always start the discussion with Mother's Day. It is not just that we are making sure we have plenty of color bowls, hanging baskets, and blooming roses, but rather the idea that mom might leverage Mother's Day to get some of her major garden items "checked off her list", as well she should. She deserves the best!
      May is the busiest month for major garden projects of all kinds. Plant a vegetable garden, rework the front yard, plant a rose garden, plant a shrubby screen, add some bold flowering shrubs or vines. Whatever it is, now is the time most people get going on major gardening improvements. Although mom's always like a beautiful bouquet, maybe this year the family can add a bit more substance to their Mother's Day gift and show that appreciation by tackling one of mom's major gardening projects. Rose bushes give flowers for months and fruit trees give yummy harvest!
         So, come on out, drive through, and come up with a plan that suits Mom.  Bring the kids and the dog we will be waiting for you right here at Evergreen nursery! 
Mark Collins
Evergreen Nursery 


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