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Ornamental Berries for the Fall and Winter Garden

When temperatures start to dip, the first thing we tend to think of in the landscape are colorful leaves in shades of red and gold. Dazzling foliage isn’t the only thing that can add interest to cool season gardens. Once summer flowers start to fade, there are plenty of plants that reward us with beautiful berries in a variety of sizes and colors. Here at Evergreen Nursery we have a wide selection of berry-producing trees and shrubs that are sure to keep the year-round interest going in your garden.  Here are a few of our favorites for this time of year:


Pyracantha berries Graber’s Pyracantha (Pyracantha fortuneana 'Graberi')

Graber’s Pyrancantha, also known as Firethorn, puts on a fiery show with giant clusters of red-orange berries that stand out against deep green, leathery leaves. This fast-growing shrub has a profuse bloom of small white flowers in springtime and can be trained on a fence or trellis. Thorny branches make it a great choice for a protective barrier hedge. Plant in full sun.


Toyon Christmas Berry Toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia)

It’s easy to see why Toyon is also known as Christmas Berry or Christmas Holly. Pale green berries soon turn to a bright holly-red in winter that pop against a dense backdrop of glossy green, serrated leaves. This medium-sized California native shrub blooms creamy white flowers in summer. It needs little to no irrigation once established and grows well in full sun or partial shade.


Ilex Dwarf Yaupon Holly Dwarf Yaupon Holly (Ilex vomitoria ‘Nana’)

Dwarf Yaupon Holly is a mounding evergreen shrub prized for magnificent red berries that appear beginning in early fall. The plant grows to around 4 feet tall with a 5-foot spread, with small oval leaves that remain dark green year-round. It’s great for use as a border or shrubby groundcover, and also does well in containers. This very versatile shrub tolerates heat, drought, salt spray and other challenging conditions. It does best in full sun to partial shade.


Duranta flowers and berries Golden Dewdrops (Duranta repens)

For an alternative to red berries, Golden Dewdrops puts on a fantastic display of long, yellow-gold berry strands that last from late summer through winter. Flowers bloom over a long season in shades of purple or white. The graceful arching branches look stunning draped over a wall or fence. It can be also pruned into a small multi-trunk tree. Plant in full sun.


Eugenia Orange Twist Brush Cherry Orange Twist Brush Cherry (Eugenia myrtifolia 'Orange Twist')

In addition to whimsical twisting branches with colorful leaf tips, Orange Twist Brush Cherry develops white puffball flowers followed by shiny pink to purple berries in fall. The upright growing evergreen shrub makes a great hedge or privacy screen. Plant in full sun to partial shade.


Tristaniopsis laurina Water Gum berries Water Gum (Tristania laurina)

Water Gum is a lush evergreen shade tree with glossy green leaves and interesting, flaky bark on mature trees. Yellow flowers in summer are followed by big clusters of woody, pale green-gold seed capsules that add textural interest for fall and winter. Plant in full sun to partial shade.


Natal Plum Fancy fruit Fancy Natal Plum (Carissa macrocarpa ‘Fancy’)

Small, bright red winter fruits make Fancy Natal Plum a great choice for year-round interest in your garden. This upright evergreen shrub makes an attractive hedge with glossy green foliage, fragrant white flowers in summer and sharp spines for added security. Plant in full sun.


Schinus molle California Pepper berries California Pepper (Schinus molle)

California Pepper is an attractive evergreen tree with feathery, weeping branches and bright green leaves. In fall and winter branches are decorated with long strings of pink, pearl-like berries that follow cream colored summer flowers. Plant in full sun and be sure to give this tree plenty of room to grow.


Heavenly Bamboo Nandina berries Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina domestica)

Heavenly Bamboo is an exceptionally easy care, waterwise evergreen shrub with year-round appeal for your garden. Dark green foliage is accented with beautiful autumn shades of red and orange, with white flower clusters appearing in spring and summer followed by bright red berries in fall and winter. It grows well in full sun to partial shade.


NOTE: All of the plants listed above produce berries which are non-edible and are for ornamental purposes only.