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Our Exclusive 8 Pack Color Packs

     “I would like to have some four inch annual color if only they were more affordable.   The plants in the small 6-packs seem to be cheaper but they aren’t.  They have gotten smaller and smaller over the years and they die right away.”   For years this has been a common customer problem throughout the nursery industry.  Because of the cost associated with the intense labor and transportation to provide four inch potted flowering annuals, they have been all too costly.  Since its beginnings, Evergreen Nursery has attempted to consistently maintain the lowest possible price available throughout the industry. With most 4” pots costing on average about $1.25 you can see how filling even a small planter with color could be a costly endeavor.  evergreen nursery 8 pack color
      With this is mind, we have come up with a more reasonable alternative.  A few years ago we developed an 8-pack of four inch pots.  These jumbo packs require less labor to produce and thereby incur drastically less costs.  Since they are  being grown on site, there is little or no transportation cost.  Best of all, these incredible savings are passed on to our Evergreen customers, which is our tradition.  You can now purchase four inch pot plants eight at a time at the incredible rate of $.75 a plant or 5.99 for the 8-pack.  The new plastic pot trays, designed by the nursery, incorporate all of the features required to produce quality plants that are as easy to install as they are beautiful.  The heat formed containers have a fast taper and a large hole at the bottom which allows easy removal.  Simply stick your finger in the hole and pop the plant out.  With the use of a light, nutrient rich mix , we are able to provide a stronger and better quality plant that lasts, unlike those small 6-packs that are being sold at other garden centers and depots.    
     On a seasonal basis, most of the most popular varieties and colors are available in our jumbo packs including such favorites as Giant Pansies in mixed and solid colors, Petunias in  solid and striped colors and special variety Marigolds, large flowering Gazanias, Dianthus, Lobelia, heat loving Vinca, Alyssum, and other seasonal favorites.  For the shade we have available all the latest varieties of Impatiens and Begonias.
So get out and plant some beautiful color in your yard today!