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Over The Hedge

 In this busy day and age many of us look at our home as a sanctuary, as well we should.  However,  the tight configuration of modern housing and Southern California real estate prices often can make that feeling of sanctuary little harder to achieve, that is where leafy green or colorful hedges can make a huge difference. Here at Evergreen we grow a huge array of hedge plants that vary from delicate formal borders, all the way up to giant screening shrubs/trees that might just be the thing for blocking out the neighbor’s new motorhome, boat, swimming pool, or unsightly view.

So send us an email, give us a call, or just come on in and describe what you want to accomplish and we will show you some great options that will mean you will not need to paint and will soften your sanctuary. And by the way, after you get your hedge planted call over to your neighbor and tell them where you got those beautiful plants, because here at Evergreen for the last 40 years our best advertising has been “over the hedge”.    

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