Plant of the Month - Duranta - November 2018 | Evergreen Nursery

Plant of the Month - Duranta - November 2018

Duranta repens Golden Dewdrop Duranta repens White Duranta repens variegated

Duranta (Duranta repens), White Duranta (Duranta repens 'Alba'), Variegated Duranta (Duranta repens 'Variegata')

Duranta is a fast-growing tropical shrub with beautiful cascading flowers in varying shades of blue and white. Duranta repens (also known as Duranta erecta) has deep blue flower clusters edged in pale lilac. Duranta repens ‘Alba’ has bright white flowers that stand out against bright green foliage. Duranta repens ‘Variegata’ has blue flowers and variegated leaves of green and creamy white. Flowers bloom throughout summer and into fall and later develop into golden berry clusters, giving Duranta the nickname Golden Dewdrop. Other common names are Sky Flower and Pigeon Berry. This easy-care evergreen shrub likes full sun and regular water. It has a light, sweet fragrance that attracts pollinators. It can be useful as a privacy screen or pruned into a multi-stemmed tree with graceful arching branches. Duranta also makes a lovely patio plant when grown in a large container.

5-gallon pots $14.00 and 15 gallon pots $39.00