Plant of the Month - Hardenbergia - February 2019 | Evergreen Nursery

Plant of the Month - Hardenbergia - February 2019

Hardenbergia Happy Wanderer Hardenbergia White Out

Hardenbergia violacea 'Happy Wanderer' (Happy Wanderer Lilac Vine), Hardenbergia violacea 'White Out' (White Out Lilac Vine)

Also known as Lilac Vine, Hardenbergia is a moderate growing, shrubby evergreen vine that climbs by twining stems to 12-16 feet. It has lance-like deep green leaves and an abundance of cascading flower sprays with pea-like flowers in winter and spring. 'Happy Wanderer' has clusters of bright purple to magenta flowers with greenish centers; 'White Out' has eye-catching, delicate white flower sprays. This Australian native is a member of the pea family and is hardy in mild climates and coastal areas where the temperature does not fall below 23 degrees. Great for use along fences, trellises and arbors, or can be allowed to spread as a groundcover. Hardenbergia tolerates full to partial shade and is quite drought tolerant once established. 

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