Plant of the Month - HYDRANGEA - May 2018 | Evergreen Nursery

Plant of the Month - HYDRANGEA - May 2018

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Galilee'Hydrangea macrophylla White RobeHydrangea macrophylla Merritt's Supreme Pink

Hydrangea macrophylla: 'Galilee' (Blue), 'White Robe,' and 'Merritt's Supreme Pink'

Hydrangeas are deciduous flowering shrubs that make beautiful accents for semi-shaded areas. Large, showy flower clusters in blue, pink or white bloom from late spring until fall. Acidic soil is required for maintaining blue blooms. For pink and white varieties, a more alkaline soil is needed to maintain color. Hydrangeas tolerate wind and salt, making them a great choice for coastal areas. They can also be grown in containers. Their lush blooms add fullness to flower arrangements, and flowers can also be dried and preserved for dried arrangements.

Five gallon pots available - $18.00