Plant of the Month - Kangaroo Paw - June 2018 | Evergreen Nursery

Plant of the Month - Kangaroo Paw - June 2018

kangaroo paw harmonykangaroo paw bush pearl

kangaroo paw big redkangaroo paw yellow gem

Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos) 'Harmony', 'Bush Pearl', 'Big Red', and 'Yellow Gem'

Kangaroo Paw is an evergreen perennial that blooms spring through fall in a variety of vivid pink, gold and red tones. Plants make an attractive accent for landscape use and container gardens. The flowers are covered in fine hairs that give them a velvety texture. Plants are low growing in clumps of slender, bright green leaves; flower stalks can reach heights of 4-6 feet. They require full sun and moderate water but can be drought tolerant. The sturdy flower stalks provide a natural perch for many bird species and are attractive to hummingbirds.

5 gallon pots available: $18.00