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Plant a Tree in Your Yard Today

We recently had to move a tree that was in front of our office because we found out someone was allergic to it. It had a really nice canopy on it that I did not fully appreciate until it started to get hot.   When I noticed the heat and the bright sun shining into the office window, I realized that I missed that tree! Now I look out the window now and see a lot of boring concrete. It is amazing how just that one tree with its lush foliage and broad canopy transformed the overall landscape. 
Trees and plants in general seem to hide all the “hardness” of hardscape. They make a big difference in the appearance and can also affect your own micro climate around your house. Trees and shrubs do a great job making your house and surrounding areas cooler. Deciduous trees that are placed correctly in your yard also aid in warming up your house in the winter. Remember that when leaves drop in winter, the sun comes through and warms up your house. Conversely, when those leaves grow back you have shade in the warmer months. What a great way to save on your electricity bill; but did you know that you also save on your water bill since a cooler yard means less water evaporation?    So remember: when adding trees to an existing landscape be sure to take into consideration the shade they may cast over existing shrubs.
Adding trees to your landscape will also earn you money. Yes, actually earn you money!   Lots of studies have proven that adding trees to your yard will increase your home’s value from 3% to as much as 15%. That is a pretty nice return. Properties with trees are generally preferred to comparable properties without trees, with the trend across studies being a price increase of about 7%. Street trees appear to add value even to adjacent properties, up to 100 feet away in one study.
The most important factor is that trees create cleaner air for us to breathe. Trees and plants use up carbon dioxide to create their nourishment. This process creates oxygen for us to breathe. As the native landscape gives way to growth and development adding at least as many trees as we take away can have a positive effect on our environment.
So who can argue with lower electricity and water bills, beautiful landscapes that increase property values and contributing to clean air? Plant a tree in your yard today!
Below is a list of some popular tree varieties that we grow at Evergreen Nursery:

Small Shade Trees

Evergreen Types

Botanical Name Approx Height Growth Rate Common Name
Acacia cultriformis 15' Fast Knife Acacia
Acacia aneura 20' Medium Mulga Tree
Cassia leptophylla 20 Medium Gold Medallion
Callistemon viminalis 20' Fast Weeping Bottlebrush
Eriobotrya deflexa 20' Fast Bronze Loquat
Eriobotrya japonica 25' Medium Japanese Loquat
Feijoa sellowiana 20'  Medium Pineapple Guava
Geijera parviflora  20'  Medium  Australian Willow 
Harpullia arborea  25'  Fast  Tulipwood 
Ligustrum japonicum 15' Fast  Japanese Privet 
Magnolia 'Little Gem' 20'  Slow  Little Gem Magnolia 
Melaleuca nesophylla  20'  Fast  Pink Melaleuca 
Nerium Oleander  12/20'  Fast  Assorted Colors 
Photinia fraseri  15'  Fast  Red Tip Photinia 
Podocarpus henkelii  20'  Slow  Long Leaf Yellow Wood 
Psidium cattleianum 15'  Medium  Strawberry Guava 
Rhaphiolepis 'Majestic Beauty'  15'  Slow  Indian Hawthorne 
Rhus lancea 25'  Fast  African Sumac 
Tacoma 'Orange Jubilee'  10'  Fast  Orange Bells 


Botanical Name Approx Height Growth Rate Common Name
Chitalpa tashkentensis 20' Fast  
Lagerstroemia indica 15/30' Medium Crape Myrtle
Prunus cerasifera 20' Medium Flowering Plum
Wisteria sinensis 8' Medium Chinese Wisteria

Medium Shade Trees

Evergreen Types 

(Note:with proper pruning most trees can be kept smaller)
Botanical Name Approx Height Growth Rate Common Name
Acacia baileyana 25' Fast Bailey Acacia
Acacia stenophylla 25' Fast Shoestring Acacia
Agonis flexuosa 25' Medium  Peppermint Willow 
Arbutus 'Marina'  30'  Medium  Marina Madrone 
Arbutus unedo  25'  Slow  Strawberry Tree 
Elaeocarpus decipiens  25'  Medium  Japanese Blueberry 
Laurus 'Saratoga' 30'  Medium  Bay Laurel 
Leptospermun laevigatum  30'  Medium  Australian Tea Tree 
Maytenus boaria  30'  Slow  Mayten Tree 
Melaleuca quinquenervia  30'  Fast  Paperbark Tree 
Metrosideros excelsa  30'  Slow  New Zealand Christmas 
Olea 'Wilsonii'  25' Medium Fruitless Olive 
Prunus caroliniana 30' Fast  Carolina Cherry 
Stenocarpus sinuatus  35'  Slow  Firewheel Tree 

Deciduous Types

(Note: with proper pruning most trees can be kept smaller)
Botanical Name Approx Height Growth Rate Common Name
Albizzia julibrissin 30' Medium Silk Tree
Bauhinia purpurea 25' Slow  Orchid tree 
Erythrina caffra  30'  Fast  Kaffirboom Coral Tree 
Jacaranda mimosifolia  35'  Medium  Jacaranda 
Koelreutaria bippinnata  30'  Medium  Chinese Flame 
Koelreutaria paniculata  30'  Medium  Golden Rain 
Pistache chinensis  30'  Medium  Chinese Pistache 
Pryus calleryana 30'  Medium  Bradford Pear 
Tabebuia chrysotricha  25'  Medium  Golden Trumpet 
Tabebuia impetiginosa  30'  Fast  Pink Trumpet 

Larger Shade Trees

Evergreen Types

(Note: with proper pruning most trees can be kept smaller)
Botanical Name Approx Height Growth Rate Common Name
Brachychiton populneus 40' Medium Bottle Tree
Castonospermum australe 50' Medium Moreton Bay Chestnut
Cedrus deodara 50' Medium Deodar Cedar
Cinnamomum camphora 50' Medium Camphor Tree
Cupianiopsis anacardiodes 40' Medium Carrotwood
Ficus benjamina 40' Medium Weeping Banyan
Ficus nitida 40' Fast Indian Laurel
Ficus rubiginosa 40' Medium Rusty Leaf Fig
Gingko biloba 50'  Slow  Maidenhair Tree 
Grevillea robusta 60'  Fast  Silk Oak 
Magnolia grandiflora  75'  Medium  Southern Magnolia 
Morus alba  50'  Fast  Fruitless Mulberry 
Pinus canariensis  50'  Fast  Canary Island Pine  
Pittosporum undulatum  40'  Medium  Victorian Box 
Podocarpus gracillior  40'  Medium  Fern Pine 
Quercus agrifolia  50'  Medium  Coast Live Oak 
Quercus ilex  60'  Slow  Holly Oak 
Salix babylonica 40'  Fast  Weeping Willow 
Schinus molle  40'  Fast  California Pepper 
Schinus terebinthifolius  40' Medium  Brazilian Pepper 
Tristania (Lophostemon) conferta  50' Fast  Brisbane Box 

Deciduous Types 

(Note: with proper pruning most trees can be kept smaller)
Botanical Name Approx Height Growth Rate Common Name
Alnus rhombifolia 50' Fast White Alder
Betula pendula 40' Fast White Birch
Brachychiton acerifolius 60' Medium Flame Tree
Chorisia speciosa 40' Medium Floss Silk Tree
Gleditsia triacanthos 40' Fast Honey Locust
Liquidamber styraciflua 50' Fast Sweet Gum
Platanus acerifolia 80' Fast London Plane
Platanus racemosa 65' Fast California Sycamore
Tipuana tipu 40' Fast Tipu Tree
Ulmus parvifloria 60' Fast Chinese Elm





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