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Plants Make Great Gifts

Plants Make Great Gifts

Christmas is a couple of weeks away. You probably have a few people still on your shopping list and just can’t quite decide what to get them. We at Evergreen Nursery would like to remind you that plants make great gifts! A live plant is a long-lasting gift that anyone can enjoy. Here are a few suggestions to get  you started:


Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg Succulents are a hot item, and everyone loves these easy-care plants. With so many varieties it’s easy to put together a small arrangement that will really stand out in a container.  Choose a combination  of shapes and textures for contrast and interest. Try combining rosette types like Aeonium or Echeveria with more shrub-like growers like Hobbit Jade or Ascot Rainbow Euphorbia. Add in a trailing variety like String of Pearls or Varietaged Wax Ivy and you’ve got an instant living bouquet! Or, make it easy and check out our ready-made succulent bowls.


Dracaena Limelight Houseplants are a great choice for anyone, especially if you’re not sure how much space they have in the garden. We have a big selection of houseplants here at Evergreen Nursery and most are very low maintenance plants that do well in a variety of conditions, making them perfect for the home or office setting. Choose from smaller tabletop varieties like Prayer Plant ‘Freddie’ or Sanseveiria, or for more dramatic statement select a larger floor plant like Fiddle Leaf Fig or Limelight Dracaena.

Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees are a truly a gift that keeps on giving! Many varieties have the versatility of being able to be grown in containers or planted in the garden. Pomegranate trees are an attractive choice for the patio or back yard, as are dwarf varieties of citrus like Kumquat or Calamondin.

Flower Pots

geranium pots There’s nothing like the instant impact of color! A vibrant pot of Geraniums or a bright Poinsettia is a simple and elegant gift. If you’re feeling more adventurous, select your own mix of bedding plants like Pansies, Cyclamen and Snapdragons and create a color bowl to suit any style. Or select one of our beautiful mixed color bowls already arranged.

Stop by Evergreen Nursery to get more ideas for beautiful living gifts for your loved ones. Our experts are ready to help you cover everyone on your list!