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PRUNING BASICS - Roses and Deciduous Fruit

Pruning Tips for Rose Bushes and Deciduous Fruit Trees

Winter is the time to prune your rose bushes and deciduous fruit trees. Proper pruning will help control and redirect plant growth, as well as stimulate fruit and flower production. Here are tips to get your plants in prime condition for another growing season:

Fruit Trees:

  1. Pruning Basics diagram Look for branches that are crossing one another or will cross if they continue to grow in the direction they currently extend. Remove upward growth that will interfere with lateral growing branches.
  2. Examine forked branches and prune one side of branches wherever the crotch angle is less than 30 degrees.

  3. Branches that extend too far should be cut back at an upward growing bud.

  4. Eliminate branches from the bottom of limbs.





  • Rose Pruning Guide Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora: Remove weak, diseased or spindly wood. Leave about 5 inches of the most vigorous 4-5 canes.

  • Floribunda roses are not pruned as heavily as Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora. Cut branches to about 1/3 their overall length.

  • Climbing Roses should be pruned after the first flush of bloom.

  • Prune branches at a 45-degree angle about ¼ inch above a healthy bud. Use sharp scissor type shears with the cutting blade down. rose pruning technique