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Queen of Winter Flowers

Who says roses are the only flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Camellias are rich with symbolism. In Japanese literature the camellia flower symbolizes the Samurai warrior’s short life span and signifies admiration, perfection, loveliness, a good luck gift and gratitude. In the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, a white camellia bush is used metaphorically for trust, bravery and purity. Their colors are said to have hidden meanings, such as, pink means ‘longing for a man;’ red means ‘you’re a flame in my heart;’ and white means ‘loveliness, you’re adorable and ideal love.’ How perfect is that with Valentine’s Day right around the corner?

Camellias have a long history beginning in their native lands of China, Japan and Korea. They were most likely introduced to Portugal in the 16th century and then to England where they cultivated them in greenhouses. In the 18th century, they were brought to the United States where they were cultivated in greenhouses in New York and Philadelphia and then worked their way to South Carolina and California.

With such a rich history, Evergreen Nursery is pleased to offer an assortment of Camellias, from pure white to hot pink and some red too, for your garden. With the correct soil amendments and care, they are quite easy to grow and are relatively frost hardy. Camellias have deep root systems and need well-drained soil high in organic material. They like morning sun and afternoon shade. Give them regular water but don’t not wet. Established plants can live with deep watering once a week, depending on your soil and weather conditions. Feed them with an acid fertilizer after they’re done blooming, once in March, April and May then let them rest over summer and give another feeding of 0-10-10 in the fall to boost their bud and root growth. During the blooming season, remove the old blossoms from the ground around the plants to minimize any disease or fungal problems and prune after blooming season is over to shape.

Camellias, Queen of Winter Flowers, are in full bloom right now and will be for at least another month. Why not buy your Sweetheart a living Valentine’s Day gift rather than a dozen, overpriced roses that will be dead in a week? Evergreen offers Camellia sasanqua and Camellia japonica in 5 gallon containers at an everyday low price of $18. Compare this to other retail outlets who are selling theirs for $40-$50!


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