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Evergreen Nursery Recycling Program

Evergreen Nursery has an active recycling program. By recycling black plastic containers, greenwaste and paper generated from our operation, Evergreen Nursery is reducing its carbon footprint. By giving credit to our customers for returning containers, Evergreen encourages consumer recycling. By accepting greenwaste from our customers, we are able to make our own soil products which reduces costs that get passed on as lower prices. As experts in zero runoff, Evergreen Nursery has received many compliments from agricultural agencies for our innovative desiltation basins and water saving techniques.

Green Waste Recycling

Yard trimmings create wonderful soil products! Our green waste recycling program is offered at 2 locations, Carmel Valley & Oceanside. Green waste recycling prices are determined by measurement and are doubled for Palm Trees, Yuccas, Pampas Grass, Bamboo and Succulents. Don't forget to bring us your Christmas trees (all decorations removed).

  • No stumps
  • No construction demo
  • No material longer than 4 ft
  • No material thicker than 4"(logs/wood more than 4" may be accepted if cut in 18" lengths)
  • No concrete, asphalt or aggregate

Please call for current green waste recycling prices.

Carmel Valley - Monday through Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm
Oceanisde - Monday through Saturday 7:30am to 4:00pm

"Container Recycling"

Container Recycling

Receive store credit for bringing in your used nursery containers. Credits are valid for one year and can be used on all products except for sod purchases.

  • 1 gallon   - 02¢
  • 5 gallon   - 10¢
  • 15 gallon - 50¢
  • Flats         - 10¢
  • Hard unbroken plastic only

THE FINE PRINT: Store credits CANNOT be extended beyond one year, CANNOT be used for payment on any account, and CANNOT be replaced if lost. Must obtain credit at the register on the same day. Not valid for sod and gift certificate purchases.