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Replanting for Winter Color

     A winter garden, particularly for Southern California’s year-round mild climate, may seem challenging, but is actually a lot fun.  There are many varieties of blooming trees, shrubs, vines and flowering plants available that can add attractive and versatile color to a winter landscape.
     Flowering shrubs and vines such as Dipladenia, Camellia, Poinsettia, Pink Jasmine, and Primrose Jasmine, and Knock Out Roses add welcome cold weather color. Also, shrubs with colorful leaves like Heavenly Bamboo and Euonymus will add color at anytime. Fill in the spaces or add accents to areas with winter blooming flowers such as Cyclamen, Snapdragons, Primrose, Stock, and Pansy
     In any garden, but particularly in a planter bed or small garden, there are a few garden basics.  To show off your plants, allow adequate amounts of light to penetrate each plant and make the area easier to maintain – plant taller plants in the back along a wall or fence and smaller plants in front. For a centrally located planter, taller plants should go in the middle followed with smaller plants along the perimeter.
     Check your watering and fertilizing schedule regularly.  Generally, you need to water less during the winter months.  Use a granular organic based fertilizer such as Gro-Power 3-4 times per year, depending on plant varieties.  A water soluble foliar fertilizer like Miracle-Gro can be used for annuals in-between waterings throughout the flowering season for  more lush growth and better flower production. Prune your plants whenever necessary, trimming off anything growing in the wrong direction, thinning overgrown shrubs to allow for better air circulation and light penetration, and removing and unhealthy or damaged limbs.  

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