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The Secret to Success: Good Soil

Marigold African Rarely are home improvement projects as easy as choosing an item and bringing it home. Furniture might need assembly or fabric protection, appliances need proper installation, and electronics usually require intricate programming and setup as well as a few trips back to the store to hunt for the right kind of cables. The same goes for gardening. If you want to bring your favorite plant home and see it thrive in your landscape, the first thing you’re going to need is some good quality soil.

As lush and beautiful as our environment may be, San Diego is fraught with lousy soils. If you bring your plants home and stick them in those poor soils, they’ll behave as though they were stuck in poor soil and may even die. When we’re all trying to do our part to be waterwise in our landscaping, the right type of soil is essential to give your new plants the best chance for success. Even drought tolerant plants require the right soil and/or additives to promote growth and help with moisture retention.

Soil and Mulch If you’re unsure about the quality of your soil, an inexpensive soil test kit can help determine what additives will provide the best conditions for your new plants. Here at Evergreen Nursery our own compost, soil products, and mulches are the byproduct of neighborhood garden recycling that we make into various products. They are available to our customers by the bag or by the truckload at wholesale prices. Our landscape materials include many types of planting mixes with additives to solve your soil problems. Organic matter improves drainage and provides nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. Adding sand can help break up heavy clay soils, while the addition of a clay-rich soil will improve the consistency of overly sandy soils. A layer of mulch helps with water retention and reducing erosion. Come on in and let Evergreen Nursery’s experts help you find the right materials to make your new landscaping project a success!

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