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Evergreen Nursery is an official Marathon Sod dealer for Southern California. You can place orders at our three locations and get answers to any questions you may have. Genuine Marathon Sod was first produced in 1983 with Southern California soils and climates in mind. Since then it has grown to become the most popular lawn choice of homeowners, businesses, parks and associations.

Marathon offers a desirable green look year-round. Thanks to a remarkably extensive root system—up to five times deeper than bluegrass—Marathon Sod uses less water and tolerates high heat. As you can see in this picture the roots grow quite deep allowing for deeper more infrequent watering. If your sod is installed correctly and set up with the correct watering schedule, there is no reason for it to be watered more than two to three times a week.  


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Two of the biggest mistakes people make with sod is not preparing the soil correctly and watering too shallow. This creates a shallow compacted root system which requires frequent watering along with run-off from the compaction of poor soil. Both of these common mistakes are giving sod a “bad rap”! If all instructions are followed, watering your lawn within the watering restrictions imposed by the City or County is easy. For complete and detailed instructions, please visit  

Southland Sod Farm web site.

Here is a list of the types of varieties that are available:

Evergreen Varieties

"Genuine Marathon Sod"

Marathon Sod
100% improved tall fescue. Easy care. Slightly coarser, more fibrous than bluegrass. Most rapid growing, rugged and durable of the Marathon family. Stays green year-round and adapts well to a variety of Southern California climates and soils.

Marathon II
Deeper green and greater density for a more manicured look. Lower mowing height and slightly finer texture. Stays green year-round and adapts well to a variety of Southern California climates and soils.

Marathon III
Denser, darker green, finer leafed, and slower growing than previous generations, Marathon III can be mowed shorter, resulting in a more compact carpet-like appearance. Stays green year-round and adapts well to a variety of Southern California climates and soils.

Improved elite bluegrass blend. Dense, elegant appearance. Medium-fine texture. Requires regular care to maintain refined appearance. Does best in moderate coastal areas; avoid using in inland valleys and warm, arid regions. Requires well-drained soil; does not tolerate salinity. Green year-round.

80% Pureblue and 20% Perennial Rye. Very similar to Pureblue, with subtle differences (slightly lighter color, overall glossier appearance).
Slightly higher disease resistance than Pureblue. Also green year-round.


Winter Dormant Varieties

St. Augustine
Very coarse thick-stemmed runners. Used primarily where shade tolerance is the top priority. Native to the southern United States where humid conditions do not permit cool-season lawn varieties to flourish. Considerable thatching; requires concrete borders for containment. Dormant in winter.

Hybrid Bermuda. Excellent as athletic field or recreational turf. Often used on golf course putting greens. Very dense, low-growing, fine textured. Creates an attractive "manicured" look with consistent care and trimming. Develops thatch; requires concrete borders for containment. Becomes dormant in winter.

Zoysia Tenuifolia

A finer-textured ornamental grass with a unique, rolling appearance; typically used in oriental garden settings or as ground cover. Usually left unmowed for a free-form, natural look. Extremely slow growing. Dormant in winter.

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