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Cool Season Bloomers

Great for those bright shady spots!  

Will take full sun on the coast.

4" pots  $2.99

6" pots $5.99


 Featured Plant 


Texas Privet 
(Ligustum japonicum 'Texanum')- One of the most popular hedges of all time. What makes it so popular is its durability. It seems to grow without any care, except pruning to shape if you are growing it as a formal or clipped hedge. We grow it as a hedge, a patio tree, or even on a trellis.  It is a #waterwise plant, but does better with deep infrequent waterings, especially in the heat of summer. The spring flowers are massed in clusters all over the edge of the branches and then followed by a small dark blue berry.  The foliage is a beautiful glossy green.
  • Flowers will attract bees if you let it bloom.
  • Takes sun to part shade
  • Plant closer together for a really tight living wall
  • A fire-resistant plant
If you like a variegated leaf we also grow Silver Star Privet (flower shown below), which has all the same attributes as Texas except it is slower and smaller. 

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