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Summer Garden Basics

            Summer is a great time of year for planting new plants because most plants are nicely leafed out or even in bloom.  During hot summer months plants will be growing vigorously and demanding a lot of watering and feeding, especially if they are in containers or not yet established in your garden.  You may need to water as often as every day (or more for container plants).  Use a timed-release fertilizer or give frequent light feedings with granular organic fertilizers such as Gro Power for flowers, herbs and vegetables.citrus trees

            Soil preparation is vitally important during these hot, dry months.  Much of the damage and death caused by drought can be significantly reduced or eliminated by proper mulching with bark or compost.  It reduces soil erosion and weed infestation, yet does not prevent water from penetrating.  It also maintains soil temperature. 

        If you didn’t get around to planting that fruit tree you’ve always wanted, it’s not too late.  Evergreen Nursery carries a variety of fruit trees including lemon, grapefruit, orange, tangelos, peach, plum and nectarine  In extremely sunny areas, such as the inland valleys, protect your trees, particularly citrus, from sunburn by painting the trunks and large limbs with white exterior latex paint or whitewash.

            Keep on top of fungal or bacterial growth and watch for garden pests such as snails, aphids, spider mites and gophers.  Bait for snails and/or hand pick them.  Spray aphids or spider mites with a dilute solution of soapy water (1-4 teaspoon per gallon of water) early in the morning or early evening to avoid burning the leaves.  If this doesn’t work come by the nursery and we will be able to recommend products suitable for your situation.  Set traps or bait to curb gopher problems.

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