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We Are Open for Business

Vegetable garden The coronavirus appears to be one of the greater challenges of our modern time. Our hearts and wishes for a speedy recovery go out to all those impacted.

As a grower and mass provider of both construction and agricultural materials we are considered essential and open for business, just as the big box home improvement outlets are. However, here at Evergreen Nursery we have a significant advantage over those traditional outlets in that our business is outdoors. You can drive thru each of our 50-acre sites while practicing complete Evergreen Nursery Carmel Valley “social distancing.” You simply pull up to the cashier stand and pay as you leave. All of our cashiers and other employees have had training to be careful with regard to critical hygiene for themselves and our customers.

It is springtime and all three of our nurseries are fully stocked. Many of our customers both old and new have renewed interest in choosing from our massive selection of fruit trees & vegetables to plant their own “Victory Garden.” So if you are feeling cooped up and want to be outdoors and do something fun as well as safe, then come on in, bring the kids and the dog – we will be waiting for you right here at Evergreen.

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